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Printing technology which won the two highest awards of "FESPA Awards 2020"

Creative Special Effects
People’s Choice Award

Printing that "sees" surprises, "touches" fun, and "feels" real.

What to express? How to express it? First, we create the underlying data with art directors and designers.

A UV curable inkjet printer is used for printing.

First, the printing director. Calculate the printing position and amount of ink precisely.
(Ink:6 color inks+white ink+clear ink)The selection of the substrate is also important.

Printing directly makes it possible to create various textures depending on the material.

(Substrate:paper,foam panel, acrylic board, wood etc.)It is possible to print to realistically express the texture of the material, such as the texture of fruit skin, seafood, and oil paint.

2.5D real printing is realized through the collaboration of art directors, designers, printing directors and advanced digital printing.


texture expression printing

【 2.5D,neither 2D nor 3D 】

[2.5D Real PRINTING] has created a new dimension by adding texture on a flat surface.

We name this "2.5D",which means "between [Plane] and [Solid] ".

By special print processing that creates unevenness on a flat surface, we are pursuing realism by expressing a texture that 2D does not have and a three-dimensional effect that is different from 3D.

[2.5D Real Printing] is a registered trademark owned by Sakawa Printing Co., Ltd. in Japan.(No.6400943)


Various textures
Maximum thickness 54 mm (including media thickness)
Any substrate is acceptable

Cases of 2.5D real printing
"FESPA Awards 2020" Winners

Japanese Fish Calendar

"FESPA Awards" selects world-class printed matters printed by digital printing machines.
Our "Japanese Fish Calendar" was awarded "Gold Award" in the category of "Creative Special Effects" for its creativity and innovation.


"Japanese Fish Calendar 2020" which won the double crown
Pursuing the texture of fish (slims and scales) by applying 2.5D technology to paper

An example of pursuing realism of the ceramic plate

[Tobe ware ceramic plate style stand signboard]

Expressing a pottery-like finish by applying 2.5D technology to the aluminum composite plate

It is possible to create a three-dimensional shape (2.5D) by realistically expressing materials such as the authenticity of food and the touch of painting brushes and paints.
Direct printing is possible on various materials, expanding the range of expressions such as "watching" and "touching".

Expressing a pottery-like finish by applying 2.5D technology to the aluminum composite plate
Tobe ware ceramic plate style stand signboard
〈2.5D Real Printing (texture expression printing)〉
We won the gold prize in the inkjet category At the "Sublima Plus Contest 2020-2021" sponsored by Agfa-Gevaert Japan.